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Runes and

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Round Runes
   These runes are a flat 
   bottom with a rounded top 
   smooth stone

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Mini Runes
   These runes are the same
as the round rune,
   just a mini.

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Rock Runes
    These runes are made with 100%
    Real rock, comes in Black, Tan &
          * * comes in mini also

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Rune Sets
   Sets include: set of runes in mesh     bag, meaning cards wrapped in a
   casting mat all inside a small tote
   bag. Great set up!

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Casting Mats
This is a warm idea for your rune
    Reading, it gives the runes a nice
    Comfortable setting so your
Reading can be relaxing.
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Meaning Cards
  These cards include: 3 complete
   Sets of rune interpretations, a
   Complete guide to the Proper
   Care of your Runes

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Sacks & Bags
We have a large variety of sacks,
   bags & small duffle bags, very
   good to keep everything together
   for perfect harmony
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Paper Bead Necklaces
      These paper bead necklaces
     are 1 of a kind, NONE of your
     friends will have one like it  - -
     because they are one of a kind        100% handmade.               
        -->  NO DUPLICATES  <--

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Smudge Sticks

     COMING SOON!!!    

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